My Story

About Me

After more than 20 years of working only with employees, I decided to try my career skills in the education sector.

I have many credentials and courses that can bore you for the next 20 years. The most important things are the results you achieve. As a Career & Business Coach, I learnt from the best in the world and started to apply it in my own life with great success.

You can now have access to the systems, tools and resources that made me successful in my career… and beyond. It’s time that YOU Light Up!

My Story Starts in early 2007

I didn’t know WHY? For some reason I felt this growing need to be more than a successful Entrepreneur and Senior Business Manager. At this point in time I started a new business for a wealthy Entrepreneur, which was already turning millions of revenue each year.

I embarked on a journey of Self Development in search of the “missing link”. After 10 years, I completed Wealth Creation, Personal Development and Career Coaching, Limiting Negative Beliefs and Online Marketing courses. At this point I spent hundreds of thousands on people that you DON’T meet at University… unless you want to become a Professor or Lecturer.

Now I’m ready to pump back all these experiences into people that are also looking to live the life of their dreams… 

My Mission and Core Values

The Founder of Aura Careers. The platform and voice for Career Education and Career & Business Coaching.

The Aura Careers Academy is the place to get Career Education and an online environment where you find my guidance. Discover yourself and learn how you grow into the person you already are…

I believe in the truth…

I believe that you can reach your full potential…

I believe we are ALL here for a reason…


Online Learning is the Future of Education

In a time where everything is about speed the reality is that it doesn’t matter what role you fulfill at this point in time we all can do with ME time.

We can’t manage time… we can only manage ourselves better. That’s why you can do so much better with the best tools, training and resources that can fit into the schedule and time you have available.

At the time of writing this message to the world, we were in a pandemic. More than ever before I can communicate with lot’s of people all over the world.

I can’t be everywhere in the world at the same time, but with Aura Careers, I now can!  


More than ever High School Students need access to the best career choices resources

Here you can find your career purpose and which High School Subject choices will support it!

More than 60% of workers are unhappy in their current job... here you can discover your Career Change

Here you can discover or uncover your hidden potential. Maybe you are evolving or maybe you are heading for retirement. As a Career Changer or Job-Seeker, you can make the change you dream about!

Let me show you how you move from Level 0 - Employee to Level 1 - Starting Your new Business. Without risk!

Maybe you dream about starting your own business. Let's see if the Business is aligned with the true you. If the Business is YOU, only a couple of simple steps stand in your way!

Take Responsibility for Your Future Career - Start Getting In Touch With Yourself, Together!

If You don’t know who and where you really are, how do you know where you really want to be…